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Kids Martial Arts: Service

(Ages 4-12)

4:45 p.m. - 5:40 p.m.


Hybrid Nation's Kids Martial Arts classes offer an electrifying Hybrid Martial Arts curriculum that makes kids feel strong, confident and reassured. Your child will enjoy a variety of exercises and martial arts training which will keep every class fun and rewarding. Best of all, we place a high emphasis on the values of DISCIPLINE, FOCUS, PERSEVERANCE and INTEGRITY.

More than just fitness and self-defense, your child will be taught the martial arts lifestyle, goal achievement and the importance of working hard to achieve success. Parents love how we apply the skills and philosophies of martial arts into their child's life.

The skills students learn here give them confidence, will greatly increase their concentration levels and leave them disciplined and healthy!

Your kids will have a blast learning the fun Hybrid Martial Arts moves, and as they do, they'll be getting countless extra benefits that only the martial arts can offer. Just take a look:

  • Your kids will get in great shape and have fun doing it

  • They'll develop important self-defense skills and learn how to use them responsibly

  • We'll teach them how to handle bullies and peer-pressure with ease

  • They'll learn leadership skills that will serve them throughout their lives

  • Their attention spans and listening skills will improve, leading to success in school and other activities

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